Case studies


  • Seaside renova imagem com Aura Light

    De modo a alcançar a nova imagem desejada pela Seaside, a Aura Light, com grande experiência na área do Retail, foi a responsável pela iluminação das lojas de Leiria e do Prior-Velho (Lisboa).

  • A loja de roupa The Grandpa na Suécia usa as Aura Titan Long Life

    The clothing store The Grandpa in Kungsholmen in Sweden chose to use Aura Titan Long Life which is an energy-efficient, low-voltage halogen lamp with a strong and stable light reflection for anyone desiring for stylish, effective and well-aimed lighting.

  • IKEA usa Aura Long Life

    IKEA in Sweden, uses Aura Long Life today and are very happy with the products. "Aura Light offers products that ensure an excellent light environment; good colour reproduction and not least financially beneficial lighting for our customers and for our own personnel in our store."

  • Solução Aura Eco Lighting para arcas frigoríficas no Ica Supermarket em Högdalen

    Ica Supermarket in Högdalen in Sweden works to to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. That's why they since 2007 have used Aura Eco refrigeration solution. The result is energy saving of 55%.

  • Ge-kås cliente das Aura Long Life desde 1992

    Ge-Kås in Ullared has been buying Aura Long Life since 1992. "First we were curious to know if you could get fluorescent tubes that burned so long without losing their intensity, but this has really been proven."

  • Bilia usa Aura Long Life

    Bilia is the largest car and transport vehicle dealership in the Nordic Region and they have chosen to use Aura Long Life in their showrooms. Furthermore, the Aura Long Life concept observers the environmental objectives set by Bilia.

  • Clas Ohlson utiliza Aura Ultimate Long Life

    Clas Ohlson have chosen to use Aura Ultimate Long Life in all of their fittings because of the long lifetime. This means they will save money on maintenance cost and avoid blinking lamps.