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  • Aura Light fornece iluminação sustentável para a cidade de Estugarda

      A empresa de iluminação Aura Light assinou um contrato com a EnBW (Energie Baden-Wüttemberg). O contrato é para o fornecimento de iluminação pública Long Life para a Cidade de Estugarda, na Alemanha.   As lâmpadas escolhidas para a iluminação pública são lâmpadas HPS (sódio de alta pressão) na versão Long Life e que serão […]

  • Södra Cell usa Aura Thermo Long Life

    Södra Cell in Mörrum, Sweden, uses Aura Thermo Long Life for their cold premises. "It was originally in conjunction with the need for greater luminous flux from existing light fittings in cold premises. Aura Thermo Long Life fulfilled this need".

  • Aura Sodinette Long Life na Øresund Bridge

    Aura Sodinette Long Life is used across the 8 km long bridge which connects Sweden with Denmark. By using Aura Long Life the Øresundsbro Konsortiet can achieve large cost savings. "The fact that this makes us environmentally friendly because we consume fewer lamps is another bonus”.

  • Hera Group opta pelas Aura Sodinette Long Life

    Aura Light's HPS lamps in Long Life version will be used in the Hera Luce streetlamp fittings. "We decided to collaborate with Aura Light because of the high quality on offer and the long service life of their products".

  • Aura Sodinette Long Life no município de Sollefteå

    The municipality of Sollefteå in Sweden has chosen Aura Sodinette Long Life. ""The long service life of the lamps is a must for keeping costs down. The long lifetime also means our contractors are not exposed to hazardous conditions quite as often".

  • O túnel Blekholmen usa Aura Sodinette Long Life

    In order to replace light sources in the Blekholmen tunnel it must be closed at night, which creates problems for all road users in the inner city of Stockholm. This problem is one of the reasons that Aura Sodinette Long Life is used in the tunnel.

  • Município de Almere elege Aura Sodinette Long Life

    Municipality of Almere in the Netherlands installed Aura Light’s high-pressure sodium lamps; Aura Sodinette Long Life. "Aura Light is the specialist in Long Life lighting and covers the extremely long life-span and defects with a guarantee. That made the choice fairly simple".

  • Borås Elnät vê muitos benefícios com a Aura Sodinette Long Life

    With Aura Sodinette Long Life Borås Elnät can achieve a lifetime that is three times longer than a standard sodium lamp. "It is easy to calculate the benefit of such an investment".

  • AAK AarhusKarlshamn utiliza Aura Sodinette Long Life

    AAK AArhusKarlshamn in Sweden is a faithful user of Aura Long Life and have tried many of the products before. When they heard about the High Pressure Sodium Lamp, Aura Sodinette Long Life, they found that it was worth trying.